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Anyone knows where to find similar bralet?

Hi, I am on the look out for a similar longline/bralet, triangle fo...

3 26/02/2014
4004 :Oops, forgot the link. Esty Lingerie :Hi 4004! I've done some digging around but unfortunately I couldn't find exactly what you're looking for - it's certainly a unique style! The Only Hearts LouLou longline is sort of similar - http:/... Esty Lingerie :Hi 4004, Actually there is one more - this It Takes All Sorts bra by Frantic About Frances here at Esty > Estelle Underwired?

What do you think provides the best support for the larger cup size...

1 13/12/2013
Esty Lingerie :Hi Donna! It's actually the band of your bra, not the cups or straps, that does most of the supporting, so the very first thing I'd check for is that the band is both wide and snug-fitting (as tigh... Help me find lingerie that actually fits and doesn't make me feel goofy...

I am in my mid 30's and finding lingerie that actually fits has bee...

2 13/11/2013
Esty Lingerie :Hi Christal! We've got some tips on buying lingerie for petite figures that you might find useful: - A simple bra and knickers set works whatever height you are, and the key to getting that luxury ... RobinWilliams :When you purchase new bra .There are a couple of pointers to hold up under as a main priority. so you can realize your dream fit. 1) Bras will change fit as a fiddle and size from mark to mark. 2) ... Big knickers vs tiny thongs - what's your favourite?

High-waisted knickers are everywhere nowadays, but thongs and cute,...

Esty Lingerie
28 02/06/2013
Adena :I love hipsters and boyshorts and thongs, but regular shaped briefs just don't really do it for me. I can't stand high-waisted knickers. To me they scream old lady! emilykf :Depending on the situation, I wear them all! jenny1 :my favourite is tiny thongs mrspinky :I prefer thongs but wear both depends what i am wearing etc gavrc :From a guy's point of view, I'm somewhere in the middle with boyshorts. KLou :my fave are definately hipster style boy shorts (inc french knickers and brazilian) as they really flatter my figure. I hate high waisted knickers they remind me of the support style knickers my mu... Debbie Gillespie :My favourite is French Knickers. I think they are sexy, elegant and comfortable ! chinichats :Big knickers are better, so much more comfy! trueblonde :Big knickers as they hide a multitude of sins and are so comfy NylonSophie :lacy kncikers every time poshpink :Both depends on the circumstances! trish :Tiny thongs...all the time! chuey603 :Depends on the situation for me, I wear both kinds! Sometimes when lounging at home, big knickers are just so comfy. Other times, when the outfit or situation calls for it, thongs are better ;) olivia280177 :I don't like thongs, yuk. I like cute, tie at the side briefs. mikemikemike :tiny thong ADELiCi0US :Tiny thongs for sure! :D mata777 :knickers - more comfy... mata777 :knickers - more comfy... sarahann1984 :Depends on my mood but you can never go wrong with cute French knickers!! princessmummy :French knickers for me, the comfort of big knickers but super pretty :D Trish :Generally thongs or a g string, but boy shots have their place theno1dj :The wife normally likes a comfortable pair of french knickers or something like that style edds :Big knickers, though not huge! WhiteRabbitDisco :Obviously, as a man, the smaller the better, or even better, none at all ;p lol but tbh I don't mind, whatever my fiancee's comfy in :) Hannah :I love lace french knickers!! I think they are more flattering, sexy and comfy :D ichi :Bigger is better. lynslatter :These days I do prefer a bit more comfort & usually go for the boy short type brief, although I do still like to make them glamourous with a bit a bit of lace astrid :Boyshorts all the way: comfy and stylish! What bra style do you prefer?

From the plunge to the push-up, there are tons of different bra sty...

Esty Lingerie
22 02/06/2013
annafii :I adore the look of longline balconette bras. I love how vintage inspired they are, and how great they look paired with high waisted panties, or regular panties and a girdle! trish :Full cup Hannah :Has to be a full and wired bra that has thicker material xx chuey603 :I used love a padded, push-up bra but lately, I've been fairly au naturel .. opting for a full cup, light support bra with a flexible underwire :) Adena :I'm a huge fan of practical things, and nothing is more practical that a soft cup wire free bra when you're travelling. When you're packing you can just roll them up and tuck them into your luggage... olivia280177 :a full cup, underwired bra. MRSBSENIOR :I like an underwired bra with no seams on the cups to show through your clothes. Lorraine :I love the look of balconette bras however require a full cup with underwire. chinichats :I prefer a slighty padded and underwired pretty lace bra ADELiCi0US :Love me a padded, wired, cotton plunge. Dresses my puppies up nicely! :] trueblonde :full cup but also a cup which gives cleavage when wearing a nice dress Silverdrop :I love a wired, plunge bra with a molded cup that enhances cleavage, but no extra padding. poshpink :Wired full cup. michelle :I love vintage style bullet bras, but not super pointy ones. Trish :I have gotten into open cup styles recently, Luxxa, Agent Provocateur, not for every day wear, but as a pick me up, the are great mata777 :wired full cup Debbie Gillespie :I prefer wired, full cup bras as they give me better support. edds :balconette is my favourite style emilykf :Vintage style bullet bras for under clothes, but if the lingerie is all I'm wearing then it has to be balconette! tibby17 :Full cap, with straps, wired and non padded! theno1dj :I prefer a push up, but the wife just likes a nice fitting bra, demi cup. ichi :Plunge/balconette hybrids What's your favourite high street lingerie retailer?

We specialise in independent designers whose work often isn't avail...

Esty Lingerie
18 03/02/2013
trish :Boux Avenue chinichats :I love Boux Avenue, nicely set out, everything looks so appealing ANNA :I love Agent Provovateur. Very stylish and sexy! jenny1 :Boux Avenue trueblonde :Curvy Kate as the cups fit brilliant no gapes jackier333 :Good old, trust M & S Lingerie! dizziwendy :Would you believe ASDA. got some great sexy underwear from them at reasonable prices George :Jennifer Pierre bigdc76 :Boux Avenue :) nanesia78 :'m shoppin in on-line store Very good quality and good prices. 25% off with Voucher Code:NEW100CUST which is deducted from your price before you pay. edds :I like M&S lingerie as they have so much choice nowadays. ichi :Change Lingerie olivia280177 :M&S, the sizing is always great. Debbie Gillespie :I love m&s lingerie sjwfrance :M&S are fab ... but just a tad too predictable! I like to visit TK Maxx and treat myself to a special pair of designer panties of whatever takes my fancy. Such fun :) Adena :Erm... I can't honestly say that I HAVE a favourite high street lingerie retailer. Sorry? Lorraine :New Look seems to be the only place I can get anything in my size WhiteRabbitDisco :It used to be La Senza, but they don't seem as good as they used to be, but my fiancee ordered off of Boux Avenue recently and they have some really nice, good quality stuff! Which is your favourite product in store?

We have 1000 products in store here at Esty - that's a lot of linge...

Esty Lingerie
23 17/01/2013
emilykf :Red satin & black lace bustier & g-string set Adena :This: WhiteRabbitDisco :I do like the look of the Caren red basque & thong set with suspenders, think i just like my fiance in basques and corsets :P princessmummy : definitely this, I love it seaviews :DOLCIE NAVY SATIN BRA seaviews :DOLCIE NAVY SATIN BRA seaviews :DOLCIE NAVY SATIN BRA Ashelyn :the pelvis print knickers by Knickerocker actually :D Ashelyn :I guess I could say any of the KnickerRocker knickers they're all too adorable :) olivia280177 :Love the Dolcie Navy Satin Bra, fab colour mrspinky :paris ivory silky playsuit, i love it just stunning. NylonSophie :Leg Avenue sheer long sleeved body stocking chuey603 :So many cute items to choose from! My favourite is: :) edds :DOLCIE NAVY SATIN BRA, very beautifuland delicate Lorraine :COCO VIOLET LACE & IVORY SATIN BOW BRA is so pretty and available in my size mariahack :Midas Touch Gold Lace Bra :-) trueblonde :Midas Touch Gold Lace Bra, as can be worn anytime Silverdrop :Nightly Allure Silk Slip with beaded lace. Hannah :I simply love this bra its a gorgeous colour (my fave) and would fit my curv... mata777 :Midas Touch gold lace bra trish :Red satin & black lace bustier & g-string set ichi :This one is just so fun - Debbie Gillespie : - I love this dressing gown, it's so glamorous and sooooo Hollywood! What is your favourite lingerie colour?

Are you a classic black kind of woman, or do you prefer pretty past...

Esty Lingerie
35 15/01/2013
Lorraine :I like all colours, I like classics like black and nude but I like pretty colours and patterns too. I like variety! Adena :I'm happy wearing pretty much anything. However, when I think of bedroom lingerie I think of deep and vibrant shades or red and purple. <3 Adena :*ahem* **of deep and vibrant shades OF red and purple. ichi :Black, red or anything in between. Debbie Gillespie :Either black or cream. Both are very elegant and can be sexy too. Irenejanine :I prefer black but my boyfriend likes white Ashelyn :bright colors and patterns, love teal, fuchsia, red, pink, blue, etc Amanda4242 :Pink. Pure and simple girly colour bikerbill :I like creamy pink clours mrspinky :mine is white, i think it looks sexy especially if youve got a tan. theno1dj :either black or a dark purple is best theno1dj :either black or a dark purple is best astrid :I love all colours except beige, which I hate! Currently, my favourites are hot pink, charcoal grey and ivory. mikemikemike :black with red trims olivia280177 :Crisp white lingerie, love it. Hannah :My partner loves red underwear and black hold ups on me! So that is def my fave too :D spottyswot :Love Ivory, Coffee and Cream , or Mocha colours.. classic and classy! xxx ( Like me! LOL!) carly82 :in the summer time i love black against my tanned skin. This time of year i feel red or deep pink looks best against my pale skin x trish :Black poshpink :I prefer nude as doesn't show through my clothes. sarahann1984 :I like black and red :) princessmummy :I tend to go for black for everyday use and purple for going out etc :D dream109 :My fav colour is red or black! But to be honest, I like all colours :) chinichats :I love white Silverdrop :Silver, of course. ;) bigdc76 :Red but the wife perfers Black or Blue :) milliemoo :i am a big supporter of classic white,there is something just so sexy & pure about white lingerie,but i do also like cream & gold. juicylucywb :I prefer classic black, as it goes with most of my wardrobe and is the most practical. When I have a tan however, I love to wear white! annafii :At the moment I absolutely adore blush/peach lingerie! It's so feminine, elegant, sophisticated, whilst still being perfect to blend in under clothes! edds :black, no contest KLou :Variety is the spice of life and my underwear drawer contains a bit of everything. If i had to pick a colour i would go for black trimmed with an eyecatching colour either scarlet, purple or turquo... trueblonde :If it is a sexy situation i'd say black. But for everyday white or nude WhiteRabbitDisco :Definately like my fiancee in red :) jenny1 :my favourite lingerie is black lynslatter :I love black or cream lingerie. I think they both look beautiful & sexy, but in different ways, depending on my mood! Thank you!!!

So chuffed that I am Tuesdays winner!! Thank you so much :) Good lu...

1 15/01/2013
sarahann1984 :Mondays I mean forgetting it was yesterday, silly me!! xx How much do you typically spend on a lingerie set?

How much would you typically spend on a lingerie set? Do you like t...

Esty Lingerie
37 15/01/2013
Lorraine :I haven't spent a lot on pretty lingerie for a while but now I am single again (after a long relationship) I need to buy some nice lingerie to cheer me up. Thanks. jenny1 :i spent about 50 pounds on a good set WhiteRabbitDisco :I used to spend a around 40-50 on my other half, because I used to have more money and someone who could get me discount, but times are hard and its sales shopping if I can afford it! WhiteRabbitDisco :I used to spend a around 40-50 on my other half, because I used to have more money and someone who could get me discount, but times are hard and its sales shopping if I can afford it! Erica :Ideally about $50−$60, but on nicer sets or brand names, up to / $100. tam :I usually spend between £50 - £75 KLou :It depends what im buying for but if i really loved the Lingerie set then approx £50 but i love looking in the sales and getting maybe two sets for the same price. Debbie Gillespie :Anything between £30 and £50. nicolajones63 :Approx £30 kittykat81 :I usually spend between £25 - £45 but would love to be able to spend more! ichi :40-50€. ichi :40-50€. Lascar :I used to spend more, but now can only afford to buy in the sales, so £12 - £20. mikemikemike :about £60 normally bikerbill :About £50. I prefer a designer bra. mrspinky :It depends how much i can afford at the time and where Im buying it from prob around £20 or £40 if i can afford it. tweedle :About £30.00 PRESTON64 :I would spend up to £30 but always look in the sales so often equivalent to £50 or more olivia280177 :Me personally, as little as possible, I buy functional pieces and then drop hints for pretty, expensive items from my husband. Kate5091 :Between £30 and £50 i'd love to spend more but alas i do not have the funds mel kelly :between £20 to £50 ...... depending on how much cash i have at the time xx poshpink :Around £50-£60 as it makes me feel special! lisaa :about £30 t0 £50 trueblonde :t all depends on if it is for a special occasion, so anything ranging from £20.00 to £50.00 trish :Around £50 mata777 :£20 - I am on a budget... bigdc76 :Normally between £40 and £60 on a nice lingerie set karolyn123 :I usually spend about £40 -£50 on something really nice ,if it's for a special occasion . chinichats :usually about £30-£40 cdnkt6 :I spend between £10-£50 depends how much money i can spare at the time. emilykf :Anything from £40 upwards - I get a bit carried away sometimes, oops! edds :I aim at around £30 but would go higher if it's really pretty! julie simpson :I spend around £45 for lingerie for special occasions maybe a bit more if its vintage style xxx sarahann1984 :About £50 for a nice set. seaviews :I spend about £50 on a lingerie set fluffysammy :I would spend between £35 & £45 on a pretty set Hannah :Would love to have the money to spend on some lovely lingerie, I struggle to find a lovely set for a good price due to being quite curvy. Although ideally would spend about £30! x
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