The Ultimate Corset Guide

The Ultimate Corset Guide

Ultimate Corset Guide


Who doesn't love corsets? They're one of the most luxurious lingerie items around, but if you're new to corsetry it can seem quite complex. How do you store a corset? How do you wash one? And with the vast array of styles, designers and price ranges out there, how do you even go about choosing which corset to buy? These are all common questions and we hope to answer these and more for you in our Ultimate Corset Guide.

We've compiled some of the best resources available on the internet about corsets and corsetry, ranging from their convulted history to how to wear a corset properly, and even how to make your own.

This guide is regularly updated so if you know of a brilliant resource we've missed out, or a topic we haven't covered, feel free to suggest it by emailing and we may add it to the list.

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How to Choose a Corset Styles for Different Body Shapes


How to Wear a Corset

How to Put on a CorsetHow to Lace a CorsetCorsets and Skin Care

How to Break In a CorsetCorsets as Outerwear


How to Wash a Corset

How to Wash a Corset


How to Buy a Corset

Off the Rack vs Bespoke CorsetsHow to Measure Yourself for a CorsetTop 10 Corset Designers


Corsets and Waist Training

How to Start Waist Training4 Tight Lacing Myths


How to Store a Corset

How to Store a Corset


The History of Corsets Styles From 1900-1919


How to Make a Corset